It’s your favourite time of year; back to school season! The kids have got all their new pens, pencils, notebooks and art supplies in their new backpack and soon it’ll be filled with new course.

Did you know that the average 6th grader’s backpack weighs 18 ½ pounds?! Anyone, young or old, should not regularly carry a backpack that is more than 10%-20% their body weight. Do the math and you might see that your kids are carrying a really heavy load. It is important to be aware of how much they’re carrying and how they’re wearing their backpacks.  Chiropractor Calgary, suggest that improper backpack weight and carry can lead to number of concerns, including postural issues, muscle strain, back & neck pain, headaches

Here are a few great tips for finding the right backpack:

– Make sure weight is evenly distributed when loading stuff in there

– ALWAYS use both shoulder straps

– Shoulder straps should fit snugly; you should still be able to slip a hand between the back

– Top of the backpack shouldn’t be above the shoulder line

– Bottom of the backpack shouldn’t hang below the hips

If you’re just super keen and you simply must carry a heavy course load regularly, buy a backpack that has hip supports. By using a hip strap you can lessen the amount of weight strain on your back & shoulders by 50%-70.

For those who carry purses, handbags and shoulder bags to work or the office we also suggest you limit the amount of weight you’re carrying. Only carry essentials because carrying a weighty bag on one arm can have all the same negative effects as a way full backpack! Unload some of your physical stress from your bag and your day might start out a bit easier.