Motor Vehicle Accident

As a Calgary Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Chiropractic Clinic, we can offer continued support through your Motor Vehicle Accident claims process while providing you with dedicated care for your car accident injury.


Your immediate care is our primary concern:

Whiplash (originating from the abrupt jerking motion of the head either backward or forward), sprains and strains are all common results of a car accident and can result in varying degrees of damage to your neck and upper back. Receiving tailored chiropractic care (along with other in-house therapy) immediately following an accident can greatly help avoid postural issues and chronic pain.

Chiropractic targets the afflicted area by gently encouraging movement in the direction which it is restricted. The manipulation is gentle and slowly increases mobilization.

Because we offer a wide range of therapies under one roof, your treatment plan is kept simple
and easy:

Other means of Treating Whiplash, Sprains and Strains include:

  • Muscle relaxation and/or stimulation is used to gently stretch out excessive tension in the muscle, ligament or tendon
  • Other therapies, such as Graston TechniqueActive Release TherapyMassage Therapy and Acupuncture are sometimes used with Chiropractic to achieve similar results as muscle relaxation and/or stimulation
  • Home stretches and exercises
  • Heat and ice therapy

We are thorough with our reporting:

Your MVA claim relies on the detailed, honest reporting your chosen chiropractic provider. We recognize this and take a personal interest in ensuring it’s done properly, and in a timely manner.

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If you have been in a car accident you have 10 days to seek treatment after the collision. We are here to help. Please fill out the MVA New Patient form prior to your appointment.

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