When muscles are injured, this can lead to the formation of scar tissue. Scar tissue can impede the flow of oxygen to the muscles, as well as affecting your mobility and flexibility. When scar tissue is discovered, your chiropractor may decide to use the Graston®️ Technique to break it up. In many cases, full range of motion can be restored.

The Graston®️ Technique uses a variety of smooth, stainless steel instruments that are designed specifically to allow your chiropractor to apply pressure to the affected areas of your muscles. This will separate the mass of scar tissue, which allows the muscle fibres to reposition themselves in a more natural way. It also increases skin temperature, increases blood flow and cellular activity in the affected area. This plays an important role in healing the injury.

Some discomfort is common during Graston®️ treatment, and there may be minor bruising afterward, however most patients are able to continue their normal routine with no trouble.

It’s common for your doctor to assign you “homework” following Graston®️ treatments. This is usually a series of stretches, which facilitates the tissue healing in a natural alignment. This helps to avoid a reoccurrence of scar tissue in the same area.  

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