Repetitive stress injuries usually account for the highest percentage of missed work on a year to year basis, and unfortunately Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the leading names associated to that scenario. We’ve put together a few tips that can not only keep you from suffering this kind of injury – but could potentially save your employer money in employee short-term disability coverage.

Take a look around you – is your workstation promoting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Your workstation should be customized to accommodate your personal body and encourage proper posture for all of your tasks. So ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you bending your wrists when using your computer or laptop? You shouldn’t be; try adjusting either the height of your seat or the height of your working surface.

2. Are you using a traditional mouse? Using a trackball, graphic pen, or finger pad can significantly reduce the risk of mutiple RSI – from carpal tunnel to trigger finger. Ultimately, you will want to rotate through the different mouse options every so often to change it up…your fingers, hands and arms will be grateful.

3. Industrial workers benefit from the extra support forearm rests and padded edge protectors offer for worktables, as this eliminates pressure and relieves stress on the joints of the wrists and hands.

Remember Your Musculoskeletal Health

4. Remember to practice proper posture. Your chiropractor can help you obtain this with a series of different exercises to perform to strengthen key muscles.

5. Remember to take breaks and perform supportive stretch routines. This will not only improve muscle function and flexibility, but it will also give muscles a much needed break from the static stress that results in RSI.