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As a WCB Approved Calgary Chiropractic Clinic,  we are committed to supporting you through the WCB process while providing you with dedicated care for your work injury.


What role do we play as a WCB Approved Calgary Chiropractic Clinic?


Your injury assessment and treatment plan is our primary concern:

There is always a certain level of stress that comes with a work injury. We want you to know that your injury assessment and treatment is our primary concern: we will accurately report our findings and review any goals your case plan might outline to ensure that it is realistic with your progress.

We are thorough with our reporting:

Your WCB claim relies on the detailed, honest reporting your chosen chiropractic provider. We recognize this and take a personal interest in ensuring it’s done properly.

Timely treatment and progress reporting is required:

As a registered WCB Chiropractic provider, we have access to online reporting and will submit the required reports in a timely manner – as this is another important factor to the successful management and support of your case.

Report your Injury

Your WCB claims for chiropractic services will be reviewed. This is to make sure that your claim meets legislation and policy requirements. They will contact you, your WCB-approved chiropractic clinic or your employer if more information is needed to reach a decision.

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Chiropractor Reports

Once accepted, ongoing and timely injury reporting will be required. We take care of first reports, progress/discharge reports, additional treatment invoices and finalized treatment reports via an electronic submission program provided by WCB.

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Your Case Plan

WCB-Alberta’s priority is helping you get back to work: your case manager will work with you, your employer and health care provider (us) to develop a case plan which will help define clear return-to-work goals. We will help ensure these goals are realistic based on your progress.

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Talk to Us About Your WCB Claim

If you have any questions regarding your WCB claim or where to start, don’t hesitate to contact  us.

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