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Regardless of your goal – to achieve pain relief, to run again, to see better performance or flexibility – we can help you reach it. Our practitioners will work with you to develop a plan to see results in a way that works best with your expectations.

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Alternative Wellness Options

Pain can manifest itself from stress, lack of sleep, weakness. We offer a wide range of alternative treatments including acupuncture to target the root of your pain and not just treat the symptoms.

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Your Health, Your Plan, Your Goals

We are so much more than just a Chiropractic Health Centre in Calgary. We believe in knowing you on a first name basis, working with you to develop the perfect health plan that fits your lifestyle, and working together to reach your goals. With Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and Alternative Therapies offered under one roof, you can feel like you have a team of practitioners who have your best interest at heart.

Chiropractic Care

We offer tailored care for athletic injuries and prevention, pediatric chiropractic care, pre-natal chiropractic care, individual injury and chronic pain treatment and prevention.

Alternative Therapies

Benefit from alternative therapy options such as Active Release Techniques (ART)Active Isolated Stretching, and Graston Technique.

Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapist is one of Calgary’s select few who can offer a wide range of massage therapies, including Active Isolated Stretching for injury treatment and injury prevention.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is a safe non-surgical alternative that accelerates healing so you can recover faster. 80% of patients report improvement after the first treatment.

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Practitioners Working Together

Dr. Jamila Abdulla

Dr. Jamila Abdulla


Dr. Jamila Abdulla founded the Chiropractic Health Centre in 1999 shortly after completing her Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC) from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. She is the current Clinic Director of this growing multi-disciplinary health care facility that is committed to patient centered care and clinical excellence.




Massage Therapist

Jennifer is one of only a handful of Registered Massage Therapists within Calgary trained and certified to offer Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Beyond this, she has over  10 years of experience providing sport massage therapy, pre and post natal massage therapy, and injury treatment and prevention. Jennifer’s passion for massage is evident with each massage she performs. She can offer a wide variety of massage therapies, ranging from sports, deep tissue, pre and post pregnancy, relaxation and AIS.



Registered Massage Therapist

Kate’s enjoys the opportunity to not only help her clients but also to educate them on their condition so that they can avoid either re-injury or progression of the condition. Kate, a registered massage therapist has been a practicing massage therapist for over 17 years and she finds she is still as passionate about her job today as she was on her first day. She can offer a wide variety of massage therapies, ranging from sports, deep tissue, pre and post pregnancy, relaxation and hot-stone therapies.



Office Management

New: Shockwave Therapy

We use high-intensity sound waves to stimulate the tissues of the body: this stimulation creates an optimal healing environment…

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Latest Articles

Exercise and my Health

Benefits of exercise We all know exercise is good. But is it just because it makes me look good? The answer is No, exercise increases circulation too many areas including muscles, bones and yes even the brain (see below)!! Here is a short list of the benefits: Decrease in the incidence of degenerative brain diseases. Increase in self esteem Can help manage depression Decrease in incidence of heart disease, cancers, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Improves flexibility Increases stamina Strengthens and tones Maintains/Controls weight, improves digestion. Improves quality of sleep Increases bone density. The Active Brain! Many recent studies have found the cardio vascular activity, increases cognitive function thereby increase quality of life. Studies predict that by 2050 the number of people with Alzheimer’s (Currently the 5th leading cause of death in the United States) could TRIPLE!!! People who are physically active (cardio vascular) are 38% less likely to develop degenerative brain disease than their non-physically active counter parts. Activity slows down the progression of degenerative brain disease (Dementia, Alzheimer’s). Fitness and self esteem! Intuitively we all know, exercise makes us feel good.– Just watch a season of “The Biggest Loser” and watch to see how the participants become more positive and confident as the season progresses. Studies show exercise elevate endorphins (mood elevator hormone) and alter cortisol (stress related hormone)-chemicals that effect mood and stress levels. Exercise can also improve our physical appearance (by controlling our weight, developing and toning muscles) which can directly improve how we perceive ourselves. So, armed with all this knowledge…, How do I get off the couch? Grab a friend and walk with... read more

4 Myths about Chiropractic Care

We’ve heard these sayings before – but did you know that some of them are myths about Chiropractic Care? 1. Once you get a chiropractic treatment, you always have to go back When Consumers’ Report reviewed the top treatments for back and neck pain in September of 2011, chiropractic outperformed all other treatments: it is no secret that it’s an excellent means of pain relief. Does this mean that you have to always go back once you start? The simple, quick answer: no. Recommending that patients return for periodic visits is no different than dentists recommending monthly to yearly visits to help prevent cavities and gum disease. After resolving your pain issues, most chiropractors will give you the option to receive periodic chiropractic care to minimize the likelihood of future recurrences or development of new problems. But it’s still just an option which you can choose to take advantage of, or not! 2. Chiropractors CRACK bones Chiropractors do not crack bones, they don’t crack joints: in fact, no joints in the body touch each other. What actually happens is this: between the bones that make up a joint, you will find an envelope with fluid in it. When a chiropractor gently shifts a joint back to where it’s supposed to be, the envelope releases gas that’s in the joint fluid, and that creates the sound you hear. 3. Chiropractors don’t work on soft tissue – only joints While chiropractors are definitely known for manual manipulations/adjustments, they can also receive training in treating soft tissue problems, and can also attain special certificates/training to provide very effective treatment for a huge... read more

Questions To Ask a New Chiropractor

The first thing to consider when deciding what kind of chiropractic care you’re looking for is what kind of experience would best suit your availability and schedule, your expectations for what kind of relationship you’d like to build with your chiropractor, and what of treatment options you’d like to have readily available for you. To better understand what kind of practice it is, here are some questions to ask a new chiropractor: 1. How long are your appointments? Appointment lengths can vary from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the kind of practice it is: some have a simple ‘show up, get adjusted and leave’ set up that is perfect for people who know what they like to have done and can benefit for a quick visit. Others encourage much longer visits where follow-up and feedback are important, and a relationship can be fully developed, which are more appropriate for people who are looking to have a dedicated chiropractor know and follow their case. 2. What treatments do you provide on-site? Some practices focus only on manual manipulations and basic heat/ice therapy, while others can offer a wide variety of options, including: o Graston Technique ® o Active Release Techniques ® (ART) o Soft tissue treatment o Ultrasound Therapy o Massage Therapy 3. How do you determine how many visits I’ll need? You will always want to choose a chiropractor whose aim is to help relieve your pain in as few visits as possible, and who will continue to evaluate your progress at every visit so that you avoid going in more often than you need to.... read more