Dear Doctor Abdulla:

I can’t let any more time go by without writing to tell you how I’ve been feeling as a result of your chiropractic treatments to my neck.

As you may recall, before visiting you the first time I sought help from my family doctor for relief from a very sharp and intense pain in my left shoulder. He put me on painkillers and sent me in for x-rays. An appointment was made to see an orthopedic surgeon 8 months later. The painkillers brought little relief.

In desperation I visited a chiropractic clinic in Calgary. No change. Fortunately for me, my barber spoke very highly of how you had helped him. The rest is history! Upon my first visit to your office you took the time to take a detailed history of my health history, and respected what I thought-refreshing! Imagine my surprise when, after examining my neck and viewing the x-rays, you asked, “when did you break your neck?” I have to wonder why no doctor, in the last forty five years, ever discovered what happened to my neck long ago when I suffered a mountain climbing accident.

Because you took the time and carefully examined my neck and the x-ray, and followed a very careful procedure in manipulating my cervical vertebra, and relaxing the related muscles, I walked out of your office after only the first two visits virtually pain free. Three more visits and I was pain-free and off the pain-killers. It’s been so ever since!

Thank you for your encouragement to pursue holistic and natural healing alternatives.

Gratefully yours,
[Name Removed]