Living so far north we certainly have our seasons,  because of the amount of snowfall and lack of chinooks we had this winter, I think we can skip next winter?!  Spring is a time to clean up. Clean up your house, your workout routine, and clean up your diet. As the weather warms I am more tempted to take my workouts outside, go for a jog, or a bike ride while I feel the sunshine on my face and the breeze blow through my hair. Foods become more available and fresher which makes salads are a must in this season. Here are some simple tips to get “cleaner.”

When it comes to outdoor workouts: consider an outdoor boot camp, join a running or a cycling club – set an achievable goal and go for it. If group stuff isn’t for you – start with walking the park with your favorite podcast or audiobook playing. Set goals to improve (be careful not to go too hard or too fast too soon, as you may risk injury then have to come to see us!) We are always keen to answer any questions you might have about what is a reasonable rate of progress. Post the questions below or call the office to speak to one of us.

Make sure to balance your workouts with cardio., strength, endurance, balance training and flexibility, this not only improves your overall fitness but also aids substantially in injury prevention.

When it comes to salads here are some quick and healthy tips. Throw in nuts instead of the croutons, add your favorite fruit, use herbs that you love [most of my salads contain cilantro – because I like the taste], avocados instead of cheese, use a variety of greens from spinach to mixed field greens to the herb salad mixes.