I just wanted to write a short note and tell you how pleased I am with the breakthrough we have had with my upper back and shoulder pain. As you know, I have been having the pain for close to a year, and have visited other specialists.  However, no one was able to address the exact cause of the pain.  That was until I met you and your “stainless steel tools of pain relief”.

By using your knowledge and the graston tools, I have found newfound mobility in my back and shoulders.  I am not sure if you know this but before I met you I was unable to work for long periods at a time and golfing was incredibly difficult because of the pain.  That was until you released the scar tissue that had formed over the years.

In addition, I am thankful for your awesome fitness advice and stretching exercises you have passed on.  I wonder if your clients know that you are not only an active athlete yourself but also a fitness trainer.  I have found the sessions together to be very proactive in getting the issues with my back resolved.
I am very pleased that the sessions have resulted in increased abilities and have remained on track according to your rehabilitation schedule that you laid out on our first visit.

Overall, I am very satisfied with your company, you staff and your services. Way to deliver on your promises Jamila! Not all of the therapist’s in Calgary do.
[Name Removed]