Baby not walking yet?

Not to worry, there is a broad spectrum of the developmental period that they could fall into!

The first information you need to know is how your baby learns to walk. Newborns don’t have nearly enough strength to support their growing body, they use reflexive techniques (such as stretching out like a scarecrow!) against hard surfaces. But this is a development phase and they will only do it for a couple of months.

As your baby grows, they reach an age (typically around the six month period) where they LOVE to bounce. Bouncing stimulates the muscles that are continuing to develop while s/he is mastering other skills like rolling over, sitting up and crawling.

At the age of 9 months (approx.) your baby will probably start skills that play with your heart strings like pulling himself up on anything and everything he can, this will likely end in a few crashes, lots of tears and even more ‘get better’ kisses. Next, comes bending their knees and learning to sit after standing (tougher than you would think!).

Around 12 months of age is when furniture “surfing” begins, walking along anything that can assist with stability (it’s a plus if it tastes good too, mmmm couch!) maybe even a few unassisted steps!