Capral Tunnel, CalgaryPerform the following exercises once every hour or two:

1. Stand perpendicular to a wall and extend your arm straight out from your side, placing the flat of your hand against the wall. Try your best to extend your fingers and touch your palm to the wall. This may be hard at first as you build the flexibility. Do not strain yourself; go as far as you can before it starts to feel too uncomfortable. Hold for 2 seconds, then switch to the other side, doing the same for 2 seconds.

2. Straighten both wrists and relax fingers.

3. Make a tight fist with both hands.

4. Then bend both wrists down while keeping the fist. Hold for a count of 5.

5. Straighten both wrists and relax fingers.

6. Repeat if desired. Then let hands hang loosely by your sides and shake them lightly.