4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues
There’s a lot that can challenge us during the winter. We go to – and leave – work in the dark. We have to deal with ice on our windshields. Putting twenty layers just to go outside is annoying.

So how can you stay inspired and motivated throughout the cold, dark months? Here are 4 ways to beat the winter blues.

1. Find something to be inspired about, and make time to do it!

When you’re inspired by something, you’re brimming with energy and life. Suddenly you don’t need an alarm clock to wake up, no matter how dark it is outside. When you’re inspired, you don’t need to be told what to do at work; you’re already thinking of ways to make your work even better. Or maybe you’re inspired when you’re learning something new. Whatever it happens to be, make the time to do it and you’ll beat the winter blues.

2. Don’t ignore your health. Fight to stay balanced.

Winter makes it easy to ignore your health. You want to stay inside. Maybe you’ll have a little more to drink or eat. Maybe you find yourself tucking away to read a book, go online, play video games or watch movies. Maybe you order in more.

These are all fine in moderation. But poor hydration, lack of exercise, and large amounts of insulin in the body (primarily from over-consumption of carbohydrates) will  leave you riding the motivation roller coaster – where the ups and downs can kill self-esteem, lead to depression, and create a whole new vicious cycle of negative thoughts and low energy levels.

Beat the winter blues by fighting to stay balanced. Honor your body: drink plenty of water, make time to exercise and be active, and be conscious of what you are feeding your body.

3. Make time to spend with Mr. Sun!

If it’s a nice winter day, make time to spend outside in the sun! This is a sure-fire way to beat the winter blues: you’ll get a good mood boost from the dose of natural vitamin D, and the fresh air will do wonders for your body and mind. Just be sure to bundle up.

For the darker days, consider a Vitamin-D supplement. Of course, consult your doctor beforehand.

4. Start a daily journal

Taking time out of your day to check in with yourself, gain some insight into what’s been going on through retrospect, and having the chance to be completely honest and fair with yourself will do the mind and heart good. It allows you to cultivate a stronger sense of self, too, which can sometimes get lost under the weight of snow and early sunsets.

These 4 tips seem simple, but they do make a huge difference when it comes to beating the winter blues. Do you have your own suggestions?