Whether it’s your first visit, or you’ve been seeing a chiropractor for years, you should expect the following 5 things with ANY Calgary chiropractor and at ANY time:

1. Your Calgary chiropractor should be documenting your visits very carefully: case history, physical exam findings, written diagnosis – etc. Everything from your concerns, visit findings, to goals you’ve established as part of your treatment plan should be documented without fail. You should always be able to access these records.

2. Constant dialogue: there should be open communication between yourself and your chiropractor before, during and after your visit. Any concerns should be given full attention if and when they are brought up. You should also be able to connect directly with your doctor – at your request – either by email, phone, etc. You should also always be given options for care, and the opportunity to be an active participant in the decisions regarding your chiropractic treatment plan.

3. Your sessions should always feel relevant to the problem that you’ve presented, as well as respectful and engaging. At no time during your visits should you feel pressured, rushed, or that the information given to you is misleading. You should also feel comfortable refusing consent to treatment at any time.

4. There should never be a suggestion that long-term care contracts are necessary and the only way to maintain proper health. Your chiropractor’s aim should be to help you achieve results in the shortest time frame possible, and always be comfortable referring you to other health care practitioners or another chiropractor when clinically indicated.