Postnatal Massage Therapy

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Postnatal massage therapy can promote quick recovery and better management of
common discomforts associated with postpartum symptoms.

What are the benefits of Postnatal Massage?

  • * Strengthens abdominal muscles, which may be weak after childbirth
  • * Relieves cramping that you may experience as the site where the placenta was attached within your uterus heals
  • * Relieves soreness of your pelvic floor from an episiotomy or tearing
  • * Helps sooth as your intestinal tract and urinary bladder reposition themselves
  • * Promotes scar healing; you may have built up scar tissue that needs to be broken down so that it can realign more naturally
  • * Helps re-establish pelvic structural alignment; in preparation for childbirth, hormones were released to help ‘soften’ the pelvic bones so that they can easily shift
  • * Targets back, neck and shoulder pain

Postnatal Massage Therapy is more than just physical support…

All mothers can benefit from regular post-natal massage therapy during the postpartum period – and not just because the physical discomforts and symptoms are addressed. There is an emotional aspect to taking the time to care for your body that helps with Postpartum Depression.

Postnatal Massage Therapy

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