Post-Event Sports Massage

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As a leading Calgary Post-Event Sports Massage Centre, we focus on enabling strong, reliable recovery after your athletic performance.

A post-event sports massage supports both your mental and physical recovery from your sport event. The goal of a post-event sports massage is to encourage quicker recovery and return to training without the usual stiffness and soreness you may experience otherwise. It is also to identify any injuries you may have sustained during your event.

What are the benefits of a Post-Event Sports Massage?

  • *Drains away fatigue
  • *Relieves swelling and joint pain by stimulating soft tissues to reduce collection of fluids, which also improves the removal of tissue waste, carried by the body’s lymph system
  • *Encourages the body to recover from hard training and competition
  • *Increases flexibility to prevent injuries
  • *Preventing adhesions in soft tissues from repetitive movements or strain from training
  • *Stimulates circulation of the blood to promote healing
  • *Offers a quick assessment of your body: identifies injuries and more serious medical conditions (heat exhaustion or hypothermia)


Post-Event Sports Massage

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