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I just wanted to write a short note and tell you how pleased I am with the breakthrough we have had with my upper back and shoulder pain. As you know, I have been having the pain for close to a year, and have visited other specialists.  However, no one was able to address the exact cause of the pain. That was until I met you and your “stainless steel tools of pain relief”.

By using your knowledge and the graston tools, and applying your fitness advice and stretching exercises, I have not only regained full movement in my back and shoulders, but I’ve gone back to work and can golf again. I am very pleased that the sessions have resulted in increased abilities and have remained on track according to your rehabilitation schedule that you laid out on our first visit.

Patient Confidentiality

I almost gave up playing hockey because my lower back hurt so much.  It would keep me awake at night. A friend referred me to Dr. Abdulla and at first I was skeptical because I was under the impression that all chiropractors were quacks and that it wasn’t real therapy, but I was desperate. I went to see Dr.Adbulla and she told me that my hamstrings were the problem, she put me on a treatment plan that worked with my hockey game schedule and gave me stretches and strengthening exercises to do. I appreciated that she didn’t want me to have to come in more than necessary. That was two years ago and I haven’t had a problem since.


My entire left side was badly mangled after a car accident. I chose to go with the Chiropractic Health Centre because they specialize in MVA cases and I wasn’t disappointed. I was able to see both the chiropractor (Dr. Jamila Abdulla) and the massage therapist (Jen Krotech) and was impressed with how they asked permission to work together, and did a great job. They communicated their thoughts on my treatment plan. They also were very timely with my claim submissions.

It was a scary time for me but they both made me feel comfortable and in control. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to my care.


I sought help from my family doctor for relief from a very sharp and intense pain in my left shoulder and neck. He put me on painkillers and sent me in for x-rays. The painkillers brought little relief. Fortunately for me, my barber spoke very highly of how you had helped him. The rest is history!

You took the time to take a detailed history of my health history, and respected what I thought – refreshing! Imagine my surprise when, after examining my neck and viewing the x-rays, you asked, “When did you break your neck?” I have to wonder why the injury to my neck (from a mountain climbing accident years ago) hadn’t been considered before now. You were able to target the real problem and after five visits I was pain-free and off the pain-killers. Thank you!

Patient Confidentiality

When I was living in Calgary, I saw R.M.T Jen Krotech weekly for her Sports Massage Therapy, and Dr. Jamila Abdulla for a series of Graston sessions to help some bad scar tissue build up in my shoulders. Then I moved to Key Largo, where I haul scuba tanks and dive on the regular. I was fine for awhile before my body started reacting the change in lifestyle — and when that happened, I didn’t hesitate to call Dr. Abdulla. She took time out of her schedule to talk me through different things I could do to stay fit and healthy. There aren’t many people of her and Jen’s calibre…I trust them completely.