Active Isolated Stretching

Also Known as AIS

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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) trains your body and mind to accept and remember a greater range of motion in a safe and controlled manner. It also greatly improves flexibility and strength of muscles you might not usually engage.

How Active Isolated Stretching works…

Your muscles have two basic actions: they can either contract or relax.

When your body feels as though a particular movement is going to hurt it, a protective mechanism called the stretch (mytatic) reflex kicks in. This stretch reflex is normally triggered in the muscle at about 3 seconds, so by holding stretches for under 3 seconds, the muscle’s protective reflex to contract isn’t triggered and it has the chance to stretch to its full length. Repetition of the movement trains the body and mind to accept this new range of motion without signaling the stretch reflex.

Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

  • Improve preparation for athletic activity and enhance performance in conditioning
  • Optimized muscle and tendon range of motion up to 1.6 times resting length
  • Facilitate the removal of metabolic waste products like carbon dioxide and lactic acid
  • Reduce the risk of muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries
  • Reduce postural tightness due to aging
  • Rehabilitate muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
  • Facilitate the flow of lymphatic fluid



Active Isolated Stretching

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