Direct Billing for Calgary Massage Therapy


We offer direct billing for Calgary Massage Therapy for eligible claims for the following companies.

If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible to participate in direct billing for Calgary massage therapy, speak with your benefit provider for assistance; pre-authorization requirements may apply.

Once you have been signed up for our direct billing service, you won’t have to pay for your full visit out of pocket: we do the work for you so that you only have to pay for the portion your plan does not cover and your benefits provider will send us the remainder.

If interested in learning what benefits your plan offers for massage therapy, visit your provider’s website by clicking on their logo or contact your representative.

Alberta Blue Cross
green shield canada

Please Note:

  • Desjardins only allows for the plan member to receive reimbursement, therefor all fees incurred are still applicable

In addition to these providers, we are also permitted to provide these services for members of:

  • * Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • * Canadian Forces
  • * Veterans Affairs.