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How do you go about Choosing a Chiropractor in Alberta when there are so many? Dr. Jamila Abdulla shares valuable information on what makes a reputable chiropractor in this FREE download.


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Choosing a Chiropractor in Alberta

What’s included in this FREE guide?

All About Chiropractors

What Chiropractors do, how they maintain good standing with the ACAC, what you should expect by way of service, fees and treatments.

5 Things to Expect

Whether it’s a new chiropractor, or you’ve been seeing the same one for years, there are certain things that are standard in practice.

Questions to Ask

There are different kinds of chiropractic care you can come across. We’ve put together questions you can ask to be clear on what you’ll be getting.

Chiropractic Myths

Know the facts on what is and isn’t true to chiropractic care, chiropractors, and standards.

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