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Those who participate in sports (professional or recreational) use one tool over and over again: their bodies. Chiropractic care, when tailored to help support your athletic goals, can help treat sport injuries – and help prevent sport injuries from occurring. We are one of the leading Calgary sport injury treatment centres.


What are the benefits of Chiropractic Care for professional athletes and recreational sport players alike?

  • * Sport injury treatments that are fast and effective
  • * Quicker return to activities after an injury
  • * Better overall sport performance
  • * Fewer sport injuries
  • * Quicker recovery after activities due to on-going body care

Chiropractic treatments for sport injuries help athletes and recreational sport players get back in the game faster:

When you’re an athlete, it isn’t enough to target the symptoms of your pain: chiropractic treatment for sport injuries helps treat soft tissue (muscle, tendon and ligament) at the core, as well as restores spinal function to remove nerve interference in cases where stress and specific repetitive movement have put pressure on the vertebrae – forcing a misalignment.

This not only helps you achieve pain relief, but it promotes faster and proper healing of your soft tissue – which can encourage more mobility and flexibility that you might not have had before.

Some of the more common sport injuries that can be successfully treated with a chiropractic treatment plan are:

  • * Shoulder injuries
  • * Hamstring injuries
  • * Knee injuries
  • * Foot and ankle injuries

Treatment plans vary greatly from athlete to athlete. Some plans only require chiropractic care; spinal care and soft tissue manipulation to help resolve pain and promote quick healing. Others include the use of supporting therapies such as ART, Graston, and Shockwave Therapy for additional support in sport injury treatment.

Sport Injury Treatment & Prevention

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