Pre-Event Sports Massage

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As a leading Calgary Pre-Event Sports Massage Centre, we focus on building a working relationship with you so that we understand your athletic goals, sport, and needs prior to your events.

A pre-event sports massage is a highly useful tool that supports both your mental and physical preparation for your sport event. It can help ensure peak athletic condition, especially when your dedicated massage therapist understands your body and your sport.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Event Sports Massage?

  • *Reduces muscle tension
  • *Increasing flexibility to prevent injuries
  • * Preventing adhesions in soft tissues from repetitive movements or strain from training
  • * Stimulates circulation of the blood

What considerations are made during your Pre-Event Sports Massage?

  • *Temperature of your body: Although a pre-event sports massage is not suggested AFTER your pre-event warm up, your massage therapist will work with you to prepare your body for the pre-event sports massage by getting the circulation moving. Once your body is warm, your massage therapist will focus on flexibility.
  • *Level of anxiousness: Being nervous prior to an event is normal, but your massage therapist can focus on specific motions to help calm muscle tension.


Pre-Event Sports Massage

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